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Arizona Reviews
Ashley N.   May 20, 2019  - Post on Facebook

Ok so I’m going to give a little shoutout to my amazing friend Carmen Hamerski at Carmenique Beauty & Wellness. I went and paid her a little visit this weekend for a little face lovin. I absolutely love my skin now because of her. She takes such good care of me. I can’t recommend her enough. Her prices are unbeatable and her skincare knowledge is out of this world. I already have my appointment for teeth whitening in two weeks and I cannot wait to show before and after of that nasty! Anyways I’m showing a picture with makeup on yes I know BUT I am so excited that she tinted my eyebrows and now I don’t have to color those suckers anymore (damn you grey genetics). Yep this pic is no filter and with absolutely no makeup on my eyebrows ladies!!! Check her out!!!!

Ana Y.   Feb 3, 2019  - Post on Facebook

What an amazing aesthetician! She’s knowledgeable, honest, insightful and willing to spend the time necessary to make sure you understand next steps with your skincare routine. I’ve had lots of facials from every type of salon and spa. Hands down this was the best! 24 hours my skin looks better than it ever has following a facial. I’m looking forward to my next treatment and bringing my teenager in for some treatments.

Jennifer S.   January 20, 2019  - Post on Facebook

Most knowledgeable and professional esthetician I have ever encountered.

Kyla R.   August 10, 2018  - Post on Facebook

I went to see Carmen today for an early birthday present to myself! I love learning new ways to take care of my skin! She is well informed and knows her stuff. My skin was very dull and I came out feeling like a new woman! She is very friendly as a bonus! I will keep coming to her every month for a facial! I can’t wait to get my face on track! Love her!

Diane K.   August 07, 2018  - Post on Facebook

Had a wonderful time with Carmen Hamerski at Carmenique Beauty & Wellness! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Great products, great prices, delightful service! Plus she’s a neighbor...

Kacie M.     July 02, 2018  - Carmenique Review on Facebook

Carmen is amazing and so knowledgeable about all things skin care! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment to see her! You will not be disappointed.

Shelley B.   June 09, 2018  -

I can't wait until my next facial! It's a pure indulgence I treat myself to after each time I close a sale!

Kathy G.   June 09, 2018  - 'AnthemStuff' Post on Facebook

I am truly glowing today!! I had a facial yesterday by Carmenique Beauty & Wellness. She truly performed a miracle and really lessened the darkness of quite a few dark spots on my face and made my skin look healthy and glow. I am sleep deprived and it was really showing on my face, a very tired look. Not today though. Anyone interested in having a facial, please consider Carmen. You will not be sorry.....PS even my husband commented on how I looked so rested today. lol

Kathy G.   June 09, 2018  - 'Decorating in Anthem' Post on Facebook

I may be breaking my own rule, maybe not, but I had the most amazing facial yesterday. I had brown spots on my face that were almost completely erased by this facial. I know there are quite a few mature women on here and we almost all have those spots on our faces.Even younger women have dark spots. Carmenique Beauty & Wellness, located in Desert Hills is just amazing. If you have issues with your complexion, please give her a try. You will not regret it.

Karla R.   May 30, 2018  -Post on Nextdoor

Carmen is WONDERFUL, I would highly recommend her services. She is knowledgeable, warm and caring and her prices are very affordable

Krista S.     May 12, 2018  - Carmenique Review on Facebook

CARMEN IS AMAZING and taught us much about how to care for our body’s. How fantastic is it to have somewhere to get pampered without the pretentious atmosphere and high cost of Scottsdale!

Julie B.     May 12, 2018  - Carmenique Review on Facebook

Love, Love Carmen. I had the most amazing facial and I’m SO happy I found Carmen. I’m not one that likes the fancy over priced spas for facials and what Carmen gives you is top notch service, with a very fair price in a beautiful home setting here in desert hills - cave creek area. I’m looking forward to having Carmen transform my neglected skin with her care and super products. I am recommending Carmen to all my friends. She is the BEST and you’ll love her too.

Ashley S.   May 04, 2018  - Client Video Review

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Arlene L.     April 20, 2018  - Carmenique Review on Facebook

I had never had a facial in my life now this is something I will continue to do. Carmen is very kind and compassionate and takes time to explain everything she's doing. What impressed me the most besides how wonderful my skin feels is how knowledgeable she is about good skin care.

Kathy G.     April 6, 2018  - Carmenique Comments on Facebook Post

Carmen does the best facial I have ever had. So true about how your skin glows and feels so healthy. She is my go to girl for facials!

Shelly B.     April 6, 2018  - Carmenique Comments on Facebook Post

I can't wait until my next facial! It's a pure indulgence I treat myself to after each time I close a sale!

Niki P.     March 13, 2018  - Carmenique Review on Facebook

Carmen was very thorough, knowledgeable and kind. I received a facial for my first service. It wasn't all unicorns and glitter - as there were extractions involved, but she made it as comfortable as possible and made sure to keep checking in with me. By the end of my service I was relaxed and very satisfied.

I plan to be a repeat client, as my skin has taken a back seat for FAR too long!

Kellie T.     March 3, 2018  - Carmenique Review on Facebook

Carmen is so knowledgeable and personable, it felt like I have known her for years! I thoroughly enjoyed my first facial, paraffin foot treatment and all of the education she provided. I already have my next appointment scheduled!

Kelly S.     February 24, 2018  - Carmenique Review on Facebook

I enjoyed an awesome facial and paraffin foot treatment today! Carmen is instantly comfortable to visit with and was very knowledgeable about healthy skin and avoiding harsh chemicals! Best facial I've ever had!

Kathy G.     January 29, 2017  - Carmenique Review on Facebook

I had a great experience with my facial. Carmen is very knowledgable and goes above and beyond her specials. I will go back.

Ashley F.   January 21, 2017  - Anthemstuff on Facebook

So I had to share this! I just found Carmen and she's a total gem! I made an appointment with her for this special over this weekend and it was such a great experience. Her knowledge on skin care blew me away. If you've ever wanted to go to a salon or wanted something along those lines but felt uncomfortable or couldn't afford it then Carmen is your girl. She does all of her services out of her gorgeous home in Desert Hills. Check out her Facebook page Carmenique Beauty & Wellness! Extremely happy and beyond satisfied with my experience

Jeff T.   January 15, 2017  - Carmenique Post on Facebook

Carmen is the BEST in the business!!

Kathy R.     October 19, 2017  - Carmenique Review on Facebook

Carmen really cares about her clients. She keeps up on the latest techniques and has much experience. She knows about giving her clients the best and anyone who would experience her service would be a client forever.

Varant M.     October 19, 2017  - Carmenique Review on Facebook

California Reviews (available for inspection)

Ter     Hand Note  

I wanted to thank you for relaxing facial that you gave me and those two samples of skin milk for my face. I wishyou best of luck in everything you do and once again, thank you very much.

Ron V     Hand Note  

Being a man we always relate facials hair and nail care to the things women do. My first encounter with Carmen's Salon was having my first facial done. After my experience with having a facial, I highly recommend it to anyone and have realized that this service is not for women only. I was very impressed by her professionalism.

Tracey B     Hand Note  

I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell you how great Carmen is. I have been getting eyebrows waxed at another salon for serverla years, all along thinking I was getting a good job. But that was until I came to her Salon and had my brows done with Carmen; I never knew they could look so good. I felt like a regular movie star. You can be sure I'll be back for more of the same!

Gerald R.     Hand Note  

Carmen has been treating my skin for the past two years. My skin has never looked or felt better. Carmen has a syle that is personalized and professional.

Darcie C.     Hand Note  

I truly recommend Carmen for any sort of treatment. Her technique is professional and at the same time she is very warm and caring. Every time I have visited the salon, I felt thoroughly relaxed and refreshed. You truly owe it to yourself to take advantage of all that Carmen has to offer.

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