Creating Beauty from the Inside out

Carmen Hamerski
Owner of Carmenique Beauty Esthetics Clinic
Founder/President of Carmenique Beauty,
a medical-grade skincare line

For the last 28 years, Carmen has been a respected authority in the field of esthetics. An award-winning clinical esthetician, Carmen has worked in the beauty and skincare industry as a full-service spa owner, esthetics clinic owner, skin care educator and spa consultant. She has treated thousands of clients, including some well-known celebrity clients, during her career. Carmen’s famous, award-winning facials are also currently being performed at 3 resorts in the United States. Carmen is licensed in California and Arizona.

Carmenique Beauty Skincare is the culmination of almost 3 decades of work in the esthetics field. Each product was created as a direct response to her clients’ needs. Carmenique Beauty utilizes formulations that place heavy emphasis on prematurely aging skin, sun damage, rosacea and skin sensitivity. We have you covered!

As Carmen recently relocated from California to Arizona, she has simplified her life and works alone. Currently, her main professional focus is Esthetics. She can offer her award-winning facials and other esthetic services to you at lower-than-ever prices, right here in Desert Hills!

Gorgeous skin at 65 is the best revenge! ~ Carmen Hamerski

The Early Years

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